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Families learn and have fun together! Family learning takes place in a number of schools, children’s centres, libraries and community venues in Merton. The courses offer a whole range of activities where families can learn new skills and have fun together. Families may consist of one adult member of the family who could be a parent, carer, grandparent, uncle, aunt or other family member and one or several children.

The courses encourage parents and carers to be more active in supporting their children’s learning both at school and at home.

Family Learning Festival

This year, Merton Adult Education’s free Family Learning Festival will run from 5-30 October 2014 to encourage parents, carers and children to have fun learning together. Our main event being held at Whatley Avenue on 18th October with free activities for all the family including messy play, science, knitting and crochet, mask making, cooking and lots more. Free one-off sessions will also be held around the borough during this month. Visit www.maec.ac.uk/family-learning or call 020 8274 5222 for more details.

Look out for the programme in September 2014.

For more information and any course suggestions or to find out whether we are running a Family Learning course in your area or school please call us on 020 8274 5222.

Wider Family Learning Programmes

These free courses give families the chance to learn and have fun together whilst trying out new activities in a relaxed environment. The courses can take the form of a short workshop or longer 12 or 20 hour programmes and can focus on a theme or activity.
Courses that have been offered include:
Family IT, Family Science, Family Spanish, Family Mosaics, Family Photography, Family Manga, Family Cooking, Funky Flowers, Stories in Action, Family Fabrics, Family Dance, Family First Aid, Family Arts and Crafts and a lot more.

Family Literacy, Language and Numeracy Programmes

These programmes aim to help parents and carers to understand how literacy and numeracy are taught so that they can support their children’s learning.

Programmes take place in different venues across Merton. The contents vary depending on the age of the children. An example is the Keeping up with the Children courses which look at how either literacy or numeracy are taught in primary schools today and update parents and carers’ skills to enable them to help their children. We also run Family ESOL courses for parents who have English as a second language and courses such as Letters and Sounds and Numbers and Shapes for parents with children under five. There can be many benefits gained from attending a Family Learning course, including the improvement of children’s schoolwork as their literacy and numeracy improve and an increase in their enthusiasm towards learning and involvement with teachers. If you are interested in attending a course, please contact us. Look out for Family Learning courses at your school, children’s centre or family centre.

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